The Narrator


This poem is about a domestic abuse relationship. Inspired by Lana Del Reys Ultra violence 

The sirens pull me near, no heart beat in your thud. We left at tomorrow and yet, I ache for today.

Milliseconds of reasoning but to collapse a home is to forget.

The sirens  open my arms as I hold you, I am holding us. We are holding us.

The tone deft people around your shell are screaming, I am singing your favorite song. In whispers you cry.

The chanting of help begins to alarm you, I shrug it off, our home, nothing can hurt us here.

The walls gape wide, i’m looking to you but my speech is slurred you find it funny. No one laughs.

The nails from the floor boards are peaking through, I watch as they drag me from you, the taste on my tongue is like nails too, rusty and warm.

Nobody Laughs.

You throw your arms up high and stare like their strangers, our family, our friends.

Captured in my thought of you, i  pry out of their arms and crawl to you. The wind outside is violent.

I wake up happy.

Until I don’t.


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