The most dramatic excuse for wanting to watch Netflix while you should be doing something important other then watching Netflix

There is a collapse of free loaders, and this isn’t a joke.

Mainly the people who are isolated in work/school daydream and have a tendency to keep to them selves. Most of the time, we leave early or don’t go anywhere all day. Missing important duties and that way the social economic build up of hard workers in the economy is disrupted. I’m not saying having a day off is a bad thing, but the fact is if you can’t make it, then what? How do you get a job when you don’t feel like socializing, leaving you’re toasty bed or simply enough you just don’t want to.

If its been going on for a number of years how do you get determined to leave and start a fresh, a new day with complete agonizing betrayal of what you could be doing at home. Honestly, if I had a doctors note for every time I didn’t bother doing what I had or should have done I would more then likely be pronounced dead at the age of ten. And more then that i would be locked up due to the illness called the laziness syndrome, effort is required in so much of lifes obstacles, and yes they are to me ‘biased opinion’ obstacles. The collapse in freeloaders is an epidemic, what jobs do we get to fill in the gaps of the year we took off by watching our favorite show or blaming our responsibilities on some unlikely situation. I give credit to a lot of my favorite resources, being a ‘I was sick’ or ‘Family situation’. This doesn’t cost me a lot, but it might. If I wanted to be a freeloader I would have became a pimp or a professor, and yet here I am, all marginalized up with the rest. I really do wish this was a joke. You know your fucked when you ask yahoo answers to solve your demolished dignity.


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