The truth about love

What does it actually mean to be in love with someone, is it when you keep a necklace around your neck  since the day your moon and stars gave it to you, on its last hook, almost falling off the chain, rusting because even though you love it so much, you cant bear to take it off in the shower. Is it when you leave a love letter in your wallet for the last 5 months, with childish rhymes complimenting your significant half, the answer is, i’m not sure. Its not that i’m not sure that i’m not in love with you, its that we don’t know. I fall asleep with visions of faces i shouldn’t fall asleep with, and I fall asleep with them beside you, we all have lies we don’t or even cant undo.  There’s deceit and always betrayal. The kind you did to yourself and can never speak of aloud because of how fucked up it is.  I fall in love with people everyday, it lasts a moment or longer, but forever since the day I met you I’ve never not thought about you. The faces slip through my head while your laying right beside me, but when you go only for a day or so my heart hurts. Not metaphorically, it physical pain. I want to do everything right by you, disappointment isn’t in my vocabulary when i speak to you. It will always be morning half asleep slurs and brewed coffee. Falling in love with you, like this, well its not a mistake. It feels right, but its so scary. Because were on thin ice, a few simple words or fuck up’s and were done. But i hope were not that easily  dispensable. It can get boring, love can mess up and hurt, but it can be so unbelievable you will almost want to never move from that moment. We don’t really know when were ‘in love’ with somebody. But I can imagine it feels almost exactly like how I feel about you. 


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