The ‘Wrong’ advice

Entitlement is the new black. Worry is within our culture by the gap left between the stranger and you on the bus, two people with circles of friends, memory and worry.  We share too much and like too often, we forget about what is within reach and somehow we care about what is a mile or two down the masked heart break lane.

Wearing all of yourself can be stressful, not only because you see everyone carrying out a unique composure, but belittlement isn’t in our nature, these stronger nights reveal tougher days. Giving up doesn’t give towers the way to build, or elevate to a more beautiful landscape, the hands of someone else carrying there own individual mark on the world, their own blue print to a much broader sense of the word of fundamental fulfillment. Outbursts of self relapse can be contagious if you wish them to be, but ponder into something more and you may have found what you have been wishing for, the gift giver wraps the most underestimated gift to a head scratching smiling face and yet we still want it all. Kindness does a great deal to the toxic, inner stretch to the knot inside and you may realize what you have been hiding, no one is asking to give up what makes you, you. But standing in front of everyone else, and yet still seeing your own reflection can get boring, and that is what has been happening all over the world for too long. Entitlement has caused wars over a mistaken ego burst. Harming many innocent  and laying down the barrier for growth within reason. The road is a long one, too many stop to fill their minds with other business retiring mistaken context for hand shaken machetes, leave the sadness at the next stop, and return only when necessary, smile at the stranger and laugh. The road is still unwinding. Let it all come the way its supposed to.  The wrong advice? That question isn’t for me to answer.


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