Flight (part one of short story)

Execution of a mad genious, bewildered in self expression, flame, glory and the starlight. With wings stretched open, unable to jump and swore into the twilight sky, a fantastic alliby to a prolonged silance. Uttering words we can not hear, only breath. Dotted lines, power over the free, kidness shatters the thin glass. Not enough for the bullet proof kind. the only rendemption a mad man could comprehend. Insanity mummbles like echos, the abyss this lightless creature heard all of this nonsense. Shame was not a feeling in that very moment. Feeling almost paralised trapped in a world that couldn’t understand. Would never understand. The blood runs quickly, draws of breath, in- out- in- out. Lungs inhaling and exhaling the most unfamilier air. That air cloaked consiousness, gave this mystery the gift of life. Always walking, close. Always so close.


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