Soul Asylum (chapter 5)

When in our element some unique souls contain themselves into a bubble, when one is burst, where left to fend for ourselves, this is all implanted in my head. Yet I can agree that i’m not the only one who feels the way I do about this. Scenieros come creeping up on me like my past often does. Even things that had never happened yet I had the choice to do, one of many. Confession. My feelings for this one particular creature that is on the long length of horizon and dumbing myself down to explain who she is or what shes capable of isn’t what I would feel freely to do. As that one mistake could alter my mind and leave my mouth, verbally containing elements of desire and that bubble, burst. Never. I could never let that happen. And here I am, spaced out on a plain, inches away from her hair, smelly like warm perfume and a fizzy drink. She fondles around with her scarf and her bag that she loves so much she takes everywhere with her. I’m trapped beside her, mentioning laughable moments in the dull past to her, the dull office life. I captivated in this organic way of thinking, she laughs. About Sean who fell and hurt his leg in the office while showing off about how many sales he made in the last month. I said it was a brief moment of karma. She agreed. She always agrees with me. The one thing about being trapped beside the beautiful aroma that Kate is, is seeing her in her element. Licking her lips, clicking her pen, writing down a few words on her notebook. Scribbling them out and writing again. Sighing at herself, and looking at me, and out the aeroplane window, i guess for reassurance that she is not the only one left in her own head, that i am here with her, miserable enough to admit these things. But so drunk on her pesencse to romanticise such gory things in this unsustainable life we all live. Some, more terrifically absent then other. I’d say to them people who think inside the box and feel the need to give opinions on things that have nothing to do with them , i’d say. I hope your happy. Because we all live this life differently. Each to there own i suppose.

O of complete honesty and brutal honesty at that, i felt my eyes flutter and droop, because I of course had no sleep the night before, thinking of the moment i’m currently in, not thinking of the danger but of what to say if Kate does sit beside me for the next 4-5 hours on this horribly closterfobic plane.

When I woke, she tapped me on my rib and whispered ‘Johnathon, were here, wake up’, I smiled with eyes closed and i felt her heated words hit my face. I looked at her, she was packing away her things, hastily and hurriedly. My eyes glided towards the window, I saw beautiful lights dancing and waving like a hello stranger, the glimmer of the lights distorted my vision because of the shadow that reflected through. It was dark, beautiful and new. The sea was surrounding us and i never felt the way I did in that moment in my entirety of existing in such a way, meaning, I was completely happy. Happy isn’t even the word to explain, there really is no word for this moment.

Sean, Kevin, Liam, Anna, Riley, Kate and myself, found each other with a urge to adventure the beautiful island that is Rhodes, excited and flustered I let off a hint that I am too, also happy to be surrounded by very well adjusted characters like the group of people that was accompanying me on this almost vacation. ”We have everything handed to us on this trip, everybody, listen. Do not fuck about, were here to be professionals, that doesn’t mean sluting around our trying to find the next long legged short skirt girl that walks your way, and for you girls, please, try not to get kidnapped or anything along them lines. Stick like glue together, especially you boys, you need to have a close eye on us at all times, do i make myself clear?” Riley finished, this was a good way to start this buisnessy type of trip. I must say, i’ll give it to her, she knows what shes talking about. If we look like were having too much fun, it might send false alarms to our boss and fire us all straight away, but if not, he may think were no fun. But about that whole kidnapping business and sleeping around with strange girls, highly unlikely. Well for me at least. I’m not sure about the rest. Not even about Kate, she is and i must say without sounding hypercritical and this point because it may sound like I know her more than she doesn’t, which I dont, but maybe a bit too fun sometimes. I like to say, misunderstood. We all departed from the plane with all of the buisness like figures acting more and more rude then the other, skipping us as if we aren’t serious like them. Meraly being because of our remarakable attire, and their uncomfterble suit’s and suit dresses. We all shrugged it off and sustained our happiness, that wasn’t a problem for me either way. The dream had became a reality, as she linked Riley and Anna and scattered away to find their luggage, i saw something i didn’t want to in seans eye. He scanned all three girls, and kept an eye on kate, with a strange look in his eyes. Some people just cant keep what they’re thinking to themselves. As I reminded myself not to be petty because she isn’t my girlfriend, and this isn’t a war for her love, Sean grabbed my shoulder and winked at me and walked away. Right. No petty emotions, no lingering catastrophes, just breathe.

I got my bag without killing Sean and luckily the taxi arrived quickly. We all got on, Riley squeezing in the back with me and Kevin, and Sean and Kate up front. I kept and eye on them after realising how beutiful the city we were passing was, and how I almost missed it because of jelousy. I saw street lights and palm trees. The exited was corsing through me at this stage, i couldn’t contain myself. ”Hey what do you guy’s think of going on a boat trip tomorrow, since we have tomorrow to settle in before the interview’s and work starts”, I asked everyone. ”We kind of need to prepare Johnathon, atleast some of us do,” Anna snapped. Riley darted her eyes at Anna, ”Don’t be harsh, he was just asking Anna’ Anna pouted at the view rushing past outside the dimmed window. ”We should, I’ll book it, come on it’ll be great we don’t have to stay all day,” Kevin said happily. We parked outside our block of apartments, ”Lets do it,” Sean smiled at Kate, and Kate nodded to me.  ”Anna?” I asked, ”Fine, whatever,” she snapped again and jumped out of the taxi. We all got our bags and since everyone forgot to pay the Taxi I did, it was quite funny actually he just stood their and starred at everyone with a puzzled expression running away. He laughed at me, ”Oh thank you my friend,” I left him a tip. ”If you want to get a good boat, ring this man he has a range of boats for people to rent,” ”Thank you,” He handed me the business card, ”bye”. I stumbled around for a minute looking around, I was so dumb founded how nobody said anything about how the air feels so much better, it’s extraordinary.

I got up to the apartment after everyone else, it had been remodeled from before I seen the pictures. This must be the best of the best, from what I’ve seen online there’s alot of competition.






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