Falling out of love

Half heart felt apologies, leaving me kissing your reflection. I knew you weren’t the emotional type, but my hands are cold and I need something to hold on to in the middle of the night. I hear your sigh, i feel bad for staying with you. Most days, we don’t talk. We sit listening to words we never want to say left gaping in awe about how much I don’t love you anymore. Before the change, you were my world I could count on you for anything you desired, you didn’t leave me with a open hand and a broken heart. Seeing you, used to bring light to my day. Now your the only touch of darkness in my life. I feel bad for wantng to turn all the lights on. I knew before all of this you told me you were stubborn. But I didn’t know stubborn meant when my only home packed up and left you’d lock me outside for crying on your shoulder.

Before the change you told me you loved me. Now you don’t tell me anything. So i’m leaving you a note. With my initials and a, talk to you. Because i’m going to fall out of love again. I know I’ll I want to fall back into your arms. So when you see this. Lock your door. Call the girl you’ve been talking about in your sleep, and make sure you do everything for her, you forgot to do with me.


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