Whoever she is, she’s not for you

Collect a misguided girl. Shes not keen on learning what it means to be a girl, shes not keen on learning to understand anybody, not even herself. Don’t panic when she leaves all the taps running or all the lights on. Shes making sure someone is still with her, watching and caring. Not prone to admit such a thing she’ll try to start again, talking about what has happened and how to do it all over again. No mistakes were ever made in history, not even the disasters that she has bouncing around in her heart. Don’t pry when she needs to be alone, when she smokes remember the exhale is the only thing she craves, the breath out makes her feel at home. When she sits by a window she isn’t watching a film made by reality shes watching the colourful sky blossom, fade and shine  through the clouds, while her feet tap on the wooden floor. Don’t prepare yourself when she tells you its time for her to leave. She wants you to feel everything. Don’t question if its better off you go without her. Shes seen all and loved every moment. Don’t forget, don’t forget her.


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