Spiritually Soulful

Believe in nothing, drink in the isolated parts in your mind that preserve bleak quickness of rational answers that pressure a person numb to what is so advertised as perfection. Idolise everything that is blank, picturing blackness, of a word that seems tolerated by cowards and safe people. Rules. No scheming, no sins, no creative wisdom. A play by play that is a unfortunate obligation.

Or believe in everything, sink your teeth into the depth of your soul, your body and universe- capturing light years of common sense that not only leaves the cowards trembling, yet only leaves you wanting more. Find forgiveness on the dull days, the rain that holds so much beauty, that only heaven could exist on such a magnificent peace of art that is not rain, but storm. Listen to the crackling of another laugh, pay attention to scribbles on a napkin, or glances of strangers. Believe in god, aliens, or both. Live for fire and for wind. Trust in what seems crazy to believe. Or don’t.


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