Soul asylum (chapter 3) 

I got home and in Keith’s case his home tonight because he is way to drunk to go home to his girlfriend Kelly, she never likes to see him drunk because she has her life in ‘order’ and anything that is dissatisfied by her she’ll make Keith pay. The worst part about it is that Keith’s parents adore her, even some of his friends. The only reason I think they like her so much is because she sends weird signals. Not ever to me, that’s only because I put a stop to it them minute she started, I just brushed it off. I don’t want to break Keith and Kelly up becaus there so in love with eachother, you can tell. It’s just I really don’t like her. I’m not in their relationship, so I can’t do anything about it. “Man, bro. I’m really drunk”, Keith laughed while sliding into the kitchen. “You got any beers?” He searched around loudly and clumsily.  “Not tonight, you need some water”, this was my job. Atleast this was my job as a friend. Normally he would tear me off my couch after being heavily messed up after the night before, but it was my turn when he came into my house stumbling and intoxicated. I made sure he ate and drank water. Stuff like that. “Look, you came out tonight. Tonight’s different, your having a drink with me. Just one beer, maybe some tequila. You got any tequila by the way?”. I looked at him, scanned him up and down. He was drunk, but he was able to string a sentence together not in the norm for him. “Okay, fine but after that bed okay”, this wasn’t a question. “Yes father, mother, whatever…” He light heartedly chuckled at me. The struggles were real with this one. “I’ll get the drinks, you sit down and put on something good to watch,” he nodded at me and pranced at the couch to sit down. Skimming threw the tv, “bro, you’ve only cooking shows remember?” Keith called and sounded amused. “Oh yeah, put on a DVD then” “I swear if I find cooking porn I’m going to tell your Dad on you, it’s not healthy Johnathon”. I was pouring the tequila that Keith knew I had, but just wanted me to drink it because it’s been in my press since I bought it, for the only reason that I don’t have many people over. And who in there right mind drinks a bottle of tequila to themselves, and alone? 

I brought over four beers too because I guessed that was as much we could take before passing out. My couch was comfy, it was like my most prized possession, it had that memory foam stuff fancy people get to put on there beds for there expensive beds to feel even more expensive. I sat down and let out a satisfied sigh, “find anything good?” I asked. Keith was crouching over some dvd case he had seem to be reading for a long time. “I have a secret,” he sounded scared. “What?” I asked rubbing my eyes. “I can’t read,” I let out a loud laugh, assuming by his reaction Keith didn’t find much humour in this at all. “Your drunk, you can’t read, you can’t concentrate.” Sounding more empathetic I said “put it on and watch it” I shook my head and sipped on my drink. Following me he put on the film and sat down and sipped his drink. Before downing it, of course. Keith’s that type of guy you thought you could never be friends with, then let him entertain you for an evening. That evening seems to last forever, and becomes one of your most cherished memory’s. He’s kind of, stupid, dorky, loud, spontaneous, rare to find and in general just a total fool. But he’s my fool now so I have to put up with him. If I didn’t I think I’d just miss him too much.  

We drank our beers and watched the movie neither of us could concentrate on. My mind was re playing my time with Kate. Her laugh made me smile, her eyes made me think heaven couldn’t be as beautiful. Everything that happened was just so right. She didn’t stay for very long but that’s because she’s Kate, she wants the chase, I love that about her. If an outsider had been viewing her she’d look stunning, her blonde her sometimes masks her intelligence and somehow she always seems so put together. Her long legs, her perfect waist line, her glossy teeth and her aroma just makes me feel like I could never keep up. Because I’m a 5’8 white guy that dresses like a unsure philosophy major. I’m quite quit, but so is Kate. I feel that we have a lot of the same things in common. Yet, why am I the only one that seems to think this? It would be wrong to say I’m obsessed because I don’t think that my crush on her would be obsessive. I just love her, that’s that. I still do things and live a life. She’s just someone I want to live it with me. I feel like these things are so rarely talked about. Who wants to know? Who wants to care? And who the hell would say they have a crush on somebody? It defeats the purpose. 

Later after my deep thoughts, dizzily as the movie ended I looked at Keith. He had passed out with the can of cider in his hand. He looked hilerious. I took a picture of him, took the can out of his hand, layed him down, I put a pillow under his head and threw a blanket over him. I cleaned up the drinks and brought some water for me and Keith to drink if he needed some in the morning. Which by far of how much he drank tonight. I’m wreck ending he would. 

I woke up to the door bell. It was frantic. Like somebody was pissed off. I moaned and got up. My head was ringing. I answered the door and Keith sat up and chugged his water. “Where. Is. He?” A small angry looking female stood infront of me. With two almost as angry girls standing behind her. “Ugh, who?” I smiled. She peered over my shoulders. “Get Keith to come here will you?” She pretended to sound nice. Kelly was such a bitch waking us up like this. She knew he was fine just as he was. “Okay well, come in. He’s really hungover” Kelly hissed under her breath. The two girls behind her looked at eachother and giggled. Kelly turned around and raised her eyebrows. They stopped, but the taller girl continued to giggle. “Keith, what on earth are you doing here? Don’t you know what day it is?” Keith looked at Kelly and smiled. “Hey, it’s Sunday babe, don’t you remember?” He sipped his water. “Of course I remember and don’t babe me, your the one that doesn’t remember idiot” I really wanted to kick her out now. “Just tell me what your so angry about,” Kate looked like she had been punched in the face. “Fine. You forgot about lunch with me and the girls” Keith sighed. “You knew I was going out last night with Johnathon to the gallery, I’m sorry, I drank too much to remember. I won’t forget again, so how about I go get some French food with the girls and I’ll come back and make it up to you okay?” The girls both said “Awwh” and Kelly smiled. I just shook my head and Keith. “Okay, thanks babe” Keith kissed her forehead and put on some shoes, “join me,” he linked the girls arms and walked away, “don’t harm eachother too much while I’m gone” Keith called to me and Kelly who we standing sneering at eachother. “Cup of tea?” I asked politely. I was planning to put some lighter flued in it. “No thanks don’t drink tea” plans gone. I went over to the kettle and ignored Kellythe entire time they were gone. Expect for the small talk. Which I’m not a big fan of so I just ignored her most the time. 

Keith had opened the door and put the grocery bags on the kitchen table. “Next time you should get paper bags, plastic are bad for the environment” she snarled at Keith. Your bad for the environment. “I love how you care about stuff like that, it’s so cute” Keith grinned at her, her friends smiled and both sighed. Looks like they were won over. Kelly had got a good one. To me she looked like the grinch, to Keith, a adorable brunette with amazing teeth. We ate whatever Keith had gotten and called it French. I’ll give it to him it all tasted amazing. He’s the cook in this relationship. They all left around 6 and I started to pack for tomorrow. I got a text off Keith telling me the tall girl that came over was into me. I texted back saying she wasn’t my type. I didn’t even notice her. 


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