It’s the time in our lives where everything moves so quick. Friendships are sparks and lighting the path to relationships and somehow that path turns to dust. Ruins surrounding your feet, smog and smoke cover your lungs, you can taste the bitterness in people’s voices. Nothing could prepare you for this. Loosing it all, loosing everything you knew, you know. You stand in the shadows, an outcast. Somehow, somebody new enters your life. Their light is appealing, they have a face you can recognise, their voice is smooth and soft like silk, their mind is there own. You let that barrier down, unashamed of all of them flaws you pick out on yourself. You rebuild your city. 

Sometimes, this youth can be like somewhat of a miserable time. Cast out by your peers, separated from your friends, family, yourself. That’s the time to change, to build what was once a shaky time in your life a thunder storm of unforgiving rain and dark clouds. Never sit back and watch the storm distroy your home, stand outside and embrace every inch of the cold, withering of impactful catastrophe. Your you, an amazing kid who doesn’t know what road to take. So why not take them all. Let the closed minded people you know be closed minded. Everything is subjective. Learn from everything. Learn that youth no matter what is the time you can do whatever you want, with who ever you want. Be that outcast and look further then the rest, there’s no time for anymore sane candidates. Be a freak. Enjoy it, you soon will learn to. You’ll have to. 


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