The beginning of it all

I raise my hand, and everything seems to begin in I. Yet, it would always transpire to we. We clung to eachother palms, and you gave me a toothy grin. You lit your cigarette in such a way it felt as if nobody could tame you into being something your not. We just sat there, looking at our surroundings. Capturing this moment because we’re never going to get another one like it. It was all brick, sky, home and Daisy’s. We could talk about how the air forgets about us. How it’s just there, giving us life but slowly taking it away from us. We have nothing to loose because we’re only here for but a brief moment. God could take us into his or her home or we could move along with the stars and except our existence. I know now, we’re going to be together eternally. As afraid as I am of loosing it all, it’s worth it. It’s extraordinary being here with you. I live in such a shell I can’t feel what your feeling but somehow I know it’s somewhat similar to how I feel about you. What you feel about me. How we don’t know what could happen tomorrow or ten years from know but I’m clinging hoping praying to something that your still with me. What’s the chances, me and you? The way your forehead crinkles up when you bellow a laugh from something remarkable that would make such a person like you laugh. The way I play dumb, just to get a reaction. The way we could do anything or be anything for eachother. I’d take a photograph in my mind and pin it up alongside everything else I seem to be good at finding. Justifying my heart and how each nerve has the letters to your name. Again and again, insane. I’m insane. How good it feels to be insane, madly insane about you. Should you feel the way I do about you? I can sit alone, I can. I can ask myself. All I want is to be wrapped up in your arms counting how many times I wanted to say them words. I’d regret it in the morning. You’d tell me in the morning. We wandered into eachother lives, street lights lit. Night time changes things, you eventually held my hand. I never knew I could see my own reflection in someone completely off beat to my own sounds. We start all over again, in the beginning of it all. 


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