Soul asylum (chapter 2)

She was there, sitting alone and looking up. It was night time and we were at some sort of party, it was all white. She was dressed in white, and I was dressed in black. Everyone was laughing and looking in my direction. Except her, she was still looking up. When I looked up all I could see was a pigment of blue, like the sky had turned into a canvas, as she was the artist. Then an eruption of stars started to twinkle, shine and burn brightly. I heard her sigh. Then it was just the moon. And her hand was in mine, and I seen her beside me. And I seen her sitting alone looking up. And I woke up. 

It was Keith, he had strolled into my house with a grin on his keen face. I was scared to ask. So I didn’t, he would tell me eventually. “Thanks for waking me up” I said sarcasticly, he handed me a piece of paper. He was dressed too nice and I knew that this was utterly petty. Another love scheme that he always seems to get me into. It’s my love life he’s so fascinated about, because he’s been with his girlfriend for the last year and a half. He met her in their local shoe shop when she was buying shoes that he thought looked ridiculous and he just had to tell her. Until she said she designed them, that’s when the connection was made. Like a broken record Keith grinned, “c’mon John your not going to ever get an opportunity like this again. There’s going to be everyone you know there and then some not. It’s great, you like art, you want a girlfriend that likes art as much as you do. It’s held in a gallery, that you’ve never been to. And guess what the topic is on tonight? Drum roll please,” Keith really did make the drum roll noise on my sitting room table. “Love,” he nodded. I laughed. I didn’t mean to I just, can’t take him seriously. “No Keith, no that’s my final answer. Don’t talk about it anymore, leave it alone. Don’t even try to persuade me.” “You don’t even need to talk to any girl when you there, just come with me. That’s all I’m asking, oh and maybe put on something that isn’t, that” Keith forcefully stood me up, hesitant and regretting my decision already, “fine” I said. I might meet someone there, Keith could be right. 

It took a while but I was dressed and looking some what okay. Atleast Keith told me that anyways. I wasn’t comfy in a suit so I traded that for a pair of black jeans and a black shirt pairing that with a brown tie. Best I could do. We left for town and took a taxi, it was the city after all. I planned on getting really drunk tonight, and I planned on doing that alone. Keith stayed a chatted to the door man while I walked into the fancy hotel, girls and boys surrounding the building made me feel over whelmed because of a certain exterior they put off. Like the art community have never heard of a friendly welcome. It’s all kind of thrown at you, even as a new be. I felt the unpresent sensation in the air as if nobody really knew what they were talking about, it’s a common feeling. I decided to check out the gallery before making my way to the bar for a well deserved gin and tonic. The first painting I saw was of a small child, know where really, by themselfves. But once you look for a while, you realise something surrounding the picture, a heart. It was really something. Sometimes the most intriguing thing to look at these gallery’s isn’t the art, it’s the people. I was people watching as I often do, I seen people from my work place gathered in a circle together admiring a piece of art, I decided to go up to see what the fuss was all about. I heard mumbling off ivory the secetory at our firm saying how delicate the piece was, how it kind of resembled sensitivity and a fear of being neglected but art is what you make it to be. It’s what we think of ourselves and how we interpret it. Poor ivory I thought. I walked up to it and noticed it was exactly how she described it, grey pebbles in a square all equal and at the very top right was a orange pebble, alone and instantly left out for its differences. Yet, it’s always the different that stands out the most. “Jonathan, your here” Ivory smiled at me, she was pretty. The kind of pretty that makes a man have sweaty palms once you start talking to her. The kind of pretty that makes her seem so much better off then the rest of us. I knew that was all untrue. I seen past the face and the beautiful girl, what I seen wasn’t so pretty. I seen a girl scared and fearful of being alone. “I’m here, not on my behalf I’m with a friend” I nodded. “Well, what do you think?” She looked down at the pebbles. “I think, art can sometimes seem like it’s all lonely and we should fear that, but it’s one thing we notice at first isn’t it?” She stood there like I knew it all, “excuse me”, the conversation was brief but I wasn’t in the mood for a heart to heart. I wanted out as fast as I could. I felt a tap on my shoulders and I turned around, I seen the face of everything I live for. Kate, and her precious smile. “Hey, Jonathan right? I didn’t expect to see you here tonight, what’s your motive, art or love?” I chuckled. “Neither actually, I came here with a friend and he seemed to have abandoned me so, I’m heading for the bar” I smiled. “Care of I join, pretty bored if I say so. I’m not a big fan of being hit on in such a place of reflection, oh and this thing is pretty petectic, so” she made an awkward face and I could have died right there the happiest man alive. “I’d love the company,” we smiled at eachother and heard a bang. I looked around and seen Keith standing in a crowed of people with a broken vase at his feet. It looked like an accident, but it seemed like he was just trying to get my attention. He gave me the biggest grin I’ve seen since I made my television also have view channels other then cooking shows. I walked away with my arm around Kate’s waist. It was totally a pinch me if I’m dreaming moment. Yet not at all clichè. Because this does not happen to me. I’m so happy it is. 

We sat at the bar, I ordered a gin and tonic and she a water, she didn’t drink. Atleast anymore. “So tell me, are you going to the island on Monday?” I asked Kate, she looked confused. “Did you not hear? We’re all invited, it’s for who is best suited for our firm, if we don’t go we could risk loosing our jobs”, Kate sighed. “Great, well I have to go don’t I” “that’s what I was thinking too,” sipping on my drink I swore I seen her eyes almost sparkle like the dream I had of the stars and the blue pigment. Then I realised I dreamed of her eyes. “Are you seeing anybody or are you dreadfully alone and bitter?” Kate asked me. “Who comes to these things if they are in a happy relationship, oh all but my friend Keith. He kinda forced me to come tonight”. Kate laughed, “the friend that broke the vase?” Oh she knows. “That’s the one,” I nervously chuckled. “Seems like you don’t need any of these junctions to get a girl Jonathan, you got that lonely charm about you. Any girl would be lucky” Kate said which melted everything inside of my heart. “It’s harder then it seems” I nodded. “Reluctance and a surprising man? That’s therapeutic,” fluttering her long eyelashes at me while she drank her water. I seen beauty in its most modest form. “It’s something,” I was so bothered by her beauty I had aloss for words. “Well, thanks for the chat. I better get home, I’ll see you Monday, bring sunscreen” she giggled, her eyes squinting and a big friendly smile, i smiled back as its just contagious. “Goodnight Kate,” I waved. She walked away and turned her head to look back at me. I was admiring her, she just smiled and waved. I was ready to go home. 

Walking threw the gallery I seen a painting, it was dull and lifeless and there was a something about it that made me look at different, I seen the younger version of life, the adolescent mind. I seen it and it made me smile. I seen they years of breath taking moments spiral of thoughts, she. Oh, and it was just a mirror. 


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