From nymphet to Humbert Humbert’s number one prodigy, in the bedroom. Lolita was insane, reckless. Amused by the world. By the men that cooed and beckoned for her every call or need. She, Lolita. Dolores Haze, Lo. To many she’s a lot of names, to some she’s a lot of people. To me, Lolita is my gut instinct. My empowerment.  My sexuality with her cherry lips and fuck everybody laugh. Not my role model, nor my mirror. Just the infatuation that Lolita in a lot of ways is the cover girl, for teenage girls. 

Lolita has that irrational, iffy, maybe not type of behaviour. She like many teenage girls are discovering who we are and in a lot of ways, she never got to tell her story. When you wish Navobok was more intrigued with Lolita’s character more the Humbert’s obsession. 

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my lions, my sin, my soul. Lolita. 


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