The purple light, casted over our beached body’s, morning heat. Awoken by the rising of the sun, and the sound of the crashing waves. Reaching for his hand, he looked over at me. I swore I seen a hint of craziness then and there in his barely awoken eyes. He wore a black Cotten t shirt, over worn denim jeans and grey all stars. We didn’t mean to fall asleep here, it’s the fact that we missed the sun set that bothered us the most. “I get to watch a sunrise with you, for the very first time. It’s the second most astonishing thing that I’ve ever seen”. He smiled at me, lips dry, cracked and with that smile he meant so much more then words could ever explain. I felt free with him, he tried to burden me with possibilitys, endless arguements concealed with the idea that I actually cared about all of that. The burden of him, yet. That burden and flaw made him so beautiful to me. We had a connection. Like we met in another time, another life perhaps. We’re here now, together aware of our voices cracking over one another’s and the harmony of our song was just that. 

I rested my head on his shoulder, like it was made for me. And listened to his Heart beat, matching mine. Alone. We sat, gazing at the sky, captivated by our embrace. Youth full and innocence leaving, yet we feared nothing. That’s not ever going to be reversible. 


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