Kylie Jenner was right

“I feel like every year has a new energy and I feel like this year is really about like the year about realising stuff, and everyone around me, we’re just like realising things. 2016. Looking good”-King Kylie.

So, I know it may come off as if I have no idea about the world and I’m suppressed by the idea of the kardashian clan but let me tell you, 2016 has been such a open gate about realising things, it truely has. For me at most. For one, the people I surround myself with such as my family, friends, collegues and friends of friends, have told me the same thing. They have realised such a broader idyllic life other then the norm the everyday person lives. I think the world has been developing into such a shit storm of goodness and connection. There has been a sense of open mindedness of the vunrability of the mind, of sensitive people, cold people, strong people and yet all these individuals have came to an understanding that not every person has the same ideas. We’re gay, we’re transgender, we’re asexual, we’re bisexual, we’re a boy, we’re a girl, we’re both, we’re not anything but human. Just the fact everyday people, no matter what religion, race, age etc are understanding and willing to understand these things we have already known and realising we should come to peace has made this year one of the most humane years this world has had in a very long time.


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